Vail Ski Resort  Album
For those who visit Colorado between April 15th and October 15th the
skiing is for the most part closed for the summer.  However, the ski
resorts are still great places to visit.  Our choice to show you a summer
visit  is Vail.  This is a 2 mile walk through Vail in the summer.  Besides
the scenic mountains, the major resorts have great restaurants, a lot of
entertainment and flowers everywhere.
This overlooks the City Center of
Vail to view the ski slopes in the
Looking to the East in the center
of the Vail shopping district.
The Betty Ford Alpine Garden
A game of LaCrosse.  LaCrosse is
a American Indian game that is
almost a daily occurance in the
summer in Vail.
The Clock Tower at the City
Center of Vail.
There is a hiking path that follows
the Gore Creek near the covered
bridge.  There is also a cement
biking path that goes from
Keystone to Vail. It is a 25 mile ride
that is really about the best
possible bike ride anywhere.
The Gerald Ford Amphitheater.  It
is a outdoor theater where
concerts are scheduled
throughout the summer.
There are dozens of
sculptures located
throughout Vail.
Vail in the fall with the Aspens in
peak color.
Betty Ford Wildflower Garden
The garden has many benches and waterfalls.
Joanne goes to the upper level.
The walkway takes us through
wildflowers all in blossum.
Next we come to a beaver pond.
Finally to a log cabin.
Going back down to the lower
level we pass a waterfall.
The walkways take you past many different kinds of wildflowers.
A Panoramic of the garden
All gardens must have a
wishing well.
Just outside the entrance is a
garden shop with anything you
may need to make a garden.
As we return to the entrance one
last look at the wildflowers of the
Betty Ford Garden.
Vail City Center in 2016
Vail main street shops
Restaurant in Vail
One of the hotels of Vail
White Columbine
Some of the wildflowers in the
The Gerald Ford Amphitheater
on July 4, 2018.
Two boys ignore the flowers and
look for fish.
Sculptures around Vail