Bike Ride from Vail Pass Album
It is 15 miles from the I 70 rest stop at the top of Vail Pass to City
Center Vail.  This ride starts at an altitude of 10,511 feet and goes to
8,150 feet for a vertical drop of 2361 feet.  There is basically no
pedaling the bike required the first 12 miles.
The start of this bike ride at the I
70 Rest area at the top of Vail
There are many beaver dams
along the ride.
Much of the trail is along a
In Vail a short distance from the
bike path is the Betty Ford
Wildflower Garden.
The bike path passes a couple
lakes full of Rainbow Trout.
Typical view from the sidewalk
bike trail.
The first view of Vail Village.
The end of the bike ride at the
City Center of Vail Village.
Gore Creek in Vail
Village. (large)