Mountain Man Rendezvous
Necessities hard to come by.
The Mountain Men set up their
wares for trade.
Some have many furs.
The Fort Restaurant is a replica of Bents Fort.
Some have many of the necessities
of living in the mountains.
Every summer there are a number of Mountain Men
Rendezvous held around Colorado.  This is a small
Rendezvous held at the Fort Restaurant in the foothills.
Jedediah Smith, the
famous scout
The back patio of the Fort.
Two Mountain Men trading.
Here they were weaving
wool into blankets
There are many traders active
Inside the Fort.
The Scottish Trader.
The Scottish Trader at work.
A display inside the Fort that
has all the wares traded
The Teepee's of the Indians
also were used by the
Mountain Men
.  Above is the
inside of a Mountain Man's