Coors Brewery Tour
Coors Brewery in Golden is the largest beer brewery in the world.  They
brew the equivalent of over 1,000,000 16 ounce bottles of beer a day.  Most
is in barrels and kegs
.  A barrel of beer is equivalent to 330 16 ounce
bottles of beer.
These are the Steeping Tanks.  
The grain is soaked to the
correct moisture level before
The water intake at the plant is
fed by Clear Creek.  The creek is
fed by melting mountain snows.
The Coors facility in Golden, Colorado is the
largest brewery in the world
The beers produced at the
brewery in Golden Colorado.
This is where the germinated
grain is pressed and filtered.  It is
called the Mash Filter Press.
The breweries Quality Control
At the entrance there is
one of t
he largest malting
cooking pots in the world.
The start of the tour at Coors is
of the history of the company.
The grains used to make beer
are Barley, Wheat and Hops
The packaging assembly line is
almost totally automatic
After the tour everyone over
21 gets 3 beers
There is a choice of 5 different
beers and 2 non-alcoholic
The ladies enjoy a very fresh
and cold Coors beer
A sculpture at the exit honors
the fire fighters of the wildfires
of Colorado