Flyover the Rockies Album
On April 18, 2018 we flew over the foothills in a small Piper Cub
airplane.  It was a perfect clear sky with much of the winters snow
still on the mountains.  Also see the video.
Our transportation.
The Flatirons
South and North Arapaho Peak
On the runway taking off looking
northwest toward Boulder
NCAR and the Flatirons west of
The next valley is the 4th of July
Valley with Mt Neva on the south
side and South Arapaho Peak on
the north side.
Continuing south following the
Continental Divide.  Devils
Thumb Pass is on the left.
Moffat Tunnel
The next valley contains
the Moffat Tunnel.
Brainard Lake is in the center.  
From Isabelle Glacier to Mt.
Audubon on the right (north).
View from North Arapaho Peak
left to Mt. Audubon on the right.
The Moffat Tunnel Valley
with James Peak at the
far side.
Mt. Bancroft in the center with
James Peak to the right.
Loch Lomond Valley between Mt.
and James Peak.
Our flights southernmost point is
at Highway 40 and I 70 by Empire
Greys and Torries Peaks
Mt Evans looking up Chicago
Lakes Valley with Echo Lake.
Mt Evans from the northeast
with Echo Mountain Ski Resort
Golden with Coors Brewery
Clear Creek Canyon with
Lookout Mountain.
Eldorado Canyon (left) with South
Boulder Peak.
The Flatiron Mountains by Boulder.
Diagram of all mountains and foothills visible from the front
range.  Includes all from Golden to Fort Collins.
Eldorado Canyon with South
Boulder Peak
and Bear Peak.
On the north side of the flight is
Indian Peak Wilderness.  Going
from right to left we fly south.  We
start at Mt. Toll by Brainard Lake.
The next valley is the 4th of July
Trailheads valley
The next valley is the Silver Lake
The next valley is the Rollins
The last valley is the St Mary's
We end with Longs Peak from
(about 15 miles away)