Cumbres & Toltec Railroad
The Cumbrees & Toltec railroad is a duplicate of the 1880 coal fed narrow guage railroad.  The ride
takes you 37 miles from Antonio, Colorado to Oser, New Mexico.  We did this on August 18,2020.
The Mud Tunnel requires
wooden supports,
The view is of the Rio de Los
Pinos River in the valley below.
We meet a locomotive on the way
to Antonio.
The Mud Tunnel is 342' long.
Our first tunnel is Mud Tunnel.
We prepare to leave.
There are numerous cuts in the
Another large cut.
The Rock Tunnel.
This is Father and Daughter rock.
The Rock Tunnel is 360' long.
We reach the highest point at
A fire vehicle follows to put out
ember fires caused by the train.
We reach an open area.
There are many abandoned
telegraph poles.
The train depot at Antonio, Colorado
Leaving town.
Out on the praire.
Locomotives driven by coal need
allot of water for creating steam.
We bypassed this water hole.
Back on the praire.
The dining hall for our Turkey
We approach 10,000 feet
The Rock Tunnel is solid rock.
We reach the town of Oser,
New Mexico.
Joanne poses before lunch.
We reach an open area.
Back in time in the wild west.
The Oser water tank.
The city of Oser, New Mexico.
As we leave the fire car follows.
Near Antonio we meet a herd of
We reach the mountains.