Denver Botanic Garden Album
These photos were taken in 2014 when Dale Chihuly, an glass artist, had
an exhibition in the gardens.  The flowers and glass came together to
make the Denver Botanic Garden a real display of scenic beauty.
Panoramic of the Monet Pool.  
Denver Botanic
Garden Entrance.
Just inside the gate, the
O'Fallon Perennial Walk.
East side of the Walk.
West side of the Walk.
Along the Perenniel Fiori some of the glass works.
The Blue Icicle Tower.
The view at the entrance.
The "White Tower"
The Saffron Tower and Cattails.
The "White Tower"
The "Four Towers Pool"
La Potager
Stanton Memorial Rose Garden
The Monet Pool
Looking back at the entrance.
The "Blue Crystals"
The "Blue and Purple Boat"
and "Walla Walla".
The Monet Pool
The "Summer Sun"
The "Red Reeds"
The "Blue Icicle Tower"
Part of the "Welcome Garden"
Part of the "Welcome Garden"
The "Float Boat"
The Tourist
The "Orangery" and
Greenhouse Complex.
Along the Perenniel Flora
some of the glass works.
Along the Perenniel Fiori some
of the glass works.
"A Dog's Best Friend"
Memorial Garden in Cheesman
Park next to the Botanic
The "Crystals "
The Science Pyramid,
July 2017
The Monet Pool-July 2017
Sculpture by Alex Calder,
July 2017