US Air Force Academy
A view of the Air Force Academy
from the North.
The church which has become
the architectural symbol of the
A view of the church from the
West.  There are three levels in
the church.  One for each of the
three major religions at the
Academy, Catholic, Protestant,
and Jewish.
The central plaza where the
cadets learn to march.
Inside the church.  The blue
is created from natural light
passing through the stain
glass windows.  This is the
Protestant chapel.
The Air Force Academy is located near Colorado Springs, 50
miles south of Denver.  It is the training facility for the officers
of the US Air Force.
Even on Sundays they learn
discipline in marching.
The Catholic Chapel is in the
lower level of the church.
The Jewish Chapel is in the lower
level of the church.
The Buddist Chapel is next to
the Jewish chapel.
Two tourists visiting the Air
Force Academy.
Some of the many planes on
display--these are WWII planes
The rock used for training in what
is called "The Run to the Rock"