Best 30 Calendar Album
Sometimes everything comes together to produce a calendar
photograph.  After taking thousands of photos we think these  
photos may be the best choice for a calendar.
The best people photo.
Maroon Bells Lake, Colorado.  Best
scenery photo.
Notre Dame Cathedral, Montreal.  
The best church photo.
Victoria Falls
Red Hook Blossum.  Best flower
Praying Mantis.  Best animal
Blue Footed Booby birds.
Tasiilaq, Greenland
New Zealand countryside
Eskimo Cemetery in Greenland
Pelicans in Mexico
Bled, Slovenia
Matai Falls, New Zealand
Crater Lake NP, Oregon
St Francies Cabrini In Littleton,
Cape Shank near Melbourne
Halong Bay, Vietnam, best sea
Penguins playing on ice
The cold landscape of
Antarctica in the summer