People Calendar Photo Album
Some people show a hard life in their face.  Some show a life of
love and happiness.  Some are just great photographs.
A mile from shore in a washtub,
Xian China
Shoeshine boys, Quito Ecuador.
Kids and Puppy. Peru
Maasai tribal woman in Kenya.
Gold panner in Amazon.
Kids swimming in the
Amazon River
Schoolkids hamming it up
A proud mother
A  Fur Trader
Pioneer Women of Distinction
These photos were taken long before the wonderful digital
cameras that create Calendar photos.  These are ancestors
who lived a very tough life.  They deserve recognition.
Molly (Schutz) Mormann  
Molly had 11 brothers
and sisters.  When their
parents died Molly and
her older brother raised
the family.  She then
married and had 4
children of her own.
Elizabeth (Tapke) Mormann
In 1886 the couple lost all
their children to black
diptheriea.  There were 4
boys at the time ages 2 to 8.
Gertrude (Kaltenberg) Schutz
When her husband died in 1861
she took her 8 children to
America.  Within 13 years all 6
boys had a farm of their own.